Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Park


So much to tell. First I will start with Ben. He is doing great. We are in the last semester of school and he is super busy. He is so amazing to be able to handle all that is on his plate and more. He is looking for work in Utah. We are moving home the second week of May and can't wait to get there.

I am great.

Jessica just got her report card and she is top of her class reading at a 2nd grade reading level. She has some problems in class talking to everyone and I blame that on me. She is such a good big sister and helps change Lincoln and she is even testing Reagan. She is getting so tall and is such a wonderful young lady.

Katrina is also doing amazing in school. She is really catching on to reading and is so sweet. She always has the nicest things to say about everyone. She has lost all of her baby fat and is following Jessica in becoming a young lady.

Belle is crazy. She is the strongest little girl ever and can do some amazing flips. She loves her little brother so much that we always know when she is kissing him by his cry. She is so beautiful and is loving Preschool.

Reagan is doing wonderful. He is 90% in height and weight and is such a fun boy. He loves to play cars and tackle his sister. He loves the movie Bolt and watches it all the time. He is great.

Lincoln is so big. He is 5 months and already 18lbs. He is so happy and smiley. He is rolling all over the room and puts everything in his mouth. He is still a bad sleeper but I still love him.

We miss you all and cant wait to see you.