Tuesday, December 28, 2010


What a wonderful Christmas. For family home evening, we had a night of doing gingerbread houses and the kids went nuts. They had so much fun. On Christmas morning we all walked down to a room full of presents. The kids got everything they wanted thanks to some help from Santa (thank you everyone). A friend of Ben's at school gave us her old doll house and it is wonderful. The girls were so excited and I am looking forward to fixing it up on the weekend with them. Reagan got a car track and I think Ben is more into it than anyone. For Christmas I got 24 Sangria bottles, and anyone who knows me knows that it is my very favorite drink in the world. Also, every year Ben gets me a new ornament. This year he got one to remind me how much I HATE Arizona, its a cockroach encased in resin. In all it was a great Christmas.