Friday, July 23, 2010


What a crazy month it has been. First off it was Jessicas 6th birthday. We celebrated with Ben and my Dad here in Arizona first. She got a pillowpet and some fun little toys from her sisters and brother. She was so excited for her pillowpet, it was all she asked for. Then my Dad, the kids and I drove up to Utah to visit family. We had a family party for Jessica and her cousin Emmie at my sister Natalies house. The kids had so much fun and Jessica was so excited to get a new Mousey stuffed animal from my Mom. Jessica has had Mousey for 3 years and takes her everywhere she goes. Mousey is getting really old and gross so my Mom got her a new one.

I spent 3 weeks in Utah and I miss it so much already. I stayed at my parents during the week and at my sister Natalies on the weekend. My Mom and Dad were so good to us and are the only reason we could have made it up to visit. Reagan and Sabrina just mauled my Mom to death. My Dad loved walking outside and seeing Jessica riding her bike around in circle as fast as she could go. Where we live in Arizona we have no yard and no place that you could ride a bike easily. Every night, once the kids where in bed my parents and I would watch the TV show House
together, they got me so addicted I miss having something fun to watch. My parents are so good to Ben and I and our little family.

When we would stay at Natalies the kids would go nuts with all of the cousins they could play with. Natalie is one of the best sisters and hostess in the world. She was so sweet and attentive. She is such a good cook and she has the sweetest girls ever and is such a wonderful Mom. We have kids all the same age so they had a ton of fun playing.

While we were up there my sister-in-law, Heidi, had her baby girl. They named her Savanna and she is so dang beautiful. Heidi looks so good after a baby that I just wanted to beat her, but she is so wonderful and is the best Mom. I miss hanging out with her and having the kids get together. We are hoping by this time next year we are back in Utah and I can play with Natalie and Heidi all day long.

Now that we are back in Arizona this are getting back to normal. It is hot and uncomfortable but we are all healthy.

Ben just finished his internship and is getting ready to start his last year of school.

I am getting nice and big. I am 34 weeks and I think that my doctor will take me on the 6th of Sept. My back is killing me with this pregnancy but I know it will be worth it once our boy is here. No we have not picked any name yet and if you have any good ideas please send them our way.

Jessica and Katrina are starting school on the 10th and they are so excited. They both will be in full day which breaks my heart but it will give them something to do in this heat.

Sabrina is starting pre-preschool in Sept and she is so excited to be going to school like her sisters.

Reagan is doing great with his diabetes and is just as crazy as his sisters. He is talking up a storm and I am so excited to get him a little buddy here soon.