Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Tempe Tea Party

We went to a Tempe Tea Party this weekend with the kids. We got to sit on the field and listen to some really great speeches. We got to listen to Sheriff Joe Arpio and yes there were a few crazies it was really nice. The kids were pretty good and it wore them out.

Hot day

When you are a poor student family living in one of the hottest cities in America you have to find ways to keep your self cool. I went to the store the other day and came back to Ben hosing the kids down and they were loving it. They found blue sidewalk chalk and colored all over there bodies with it. Not so bad but it would not come off for three days.

Katrinas Graduation

Katrina had a little graduation party for leaving her Preschool. She was so sad and has cried everyday since cause she wants to see her teacher again. She had the best teacher ever and she is really going to miss her but now she will be in full day kindergarten and at the same school as Jessica.