Monday, May 24, 2010


Jessica had a school performance and she was great.


Pictures: We went to a water park and the kids loved the slide.

How big I am getting (24 weeks).

Reagan took his diaper off and went potty on my floor. He knew he was in trouble.

I know I need to update more but things have just been crazy. I will start with Ben. He is done with finals and he got a 4.0 this semester. We are so proud of him and how hard he has been working. He got an internship with one of his professors this summer and that is a huge relief. He is busy doing that and getting things ready for school in the fall. The kids love to play with him and it has been so nice to have him home.

I am doing really good. I am getting nice and big and the baby is moving like crazy. He has hiccups every night before I go to bed and I think it is his way of saying goodnight. I am trying to keep up on the house and I am really trying to get some sewing done but it is not easy when you have 4 kids. It is heating up nice here and I am really hoping things work out so I can go home to Utah in July. I miss my Mom and family so much and the girls want cousins so bad.

Jessica is doing great. She is finishing Kindergarten this week and she is very upset to be out of school. She is so smart I just can't get over it. She is reading and spelling on a second grade level. She loves books and coloring and wrestling with her sisters. She is so good to Reagan and he loves her to death. When Reagan got hurt last week she kept saying "I wish it was me that got hurt and not Reagan". She also had Ben move her bed into his room so she could sleep with him when we got home from the hospital. She loves to cook and helps me with dinner. I am so lucky to have her.

Katrina is becoming such a big girl. She is following in her sisters footsteps and is so smart. She starts Kindergarten this fall and is so excited for it. Her writing is getting so good and she is starting to add. She is so sweet to everyone and if you are feeling down you want to be around her. She always says nice thing about people and is so positive. She has a little boy at school that she is in love with and wants to marry already, it has us freaked out. She is getting so tall and skinny but she still has her chubby cheeks. She hates when Jessica goes to her own school because she wants to be with her sister.

Sabrina is as crazy as ever. She is so tall and skinny and I think Reagan will out weigh her soon. I have never seen a kids that can climb and move like she does. Ben and I want to get her into gymnastics so bad. I think she would be great at it. She is copying everything her sister say and do and wants to be a big girl so bad. The other night Reagan was low so Ben gave him one of his cookies that are just for when he is low. Sabrina came into Ben and said "Dad I need a cookie I have diabetes to, listen" and she started to fake cough. Of course Ben could not say No to that. She melts our heart everyday and is so fun to be around.

Reagan is doing really well. His chin is looking so much better and his numbers are doing great. He is such a loving kid and kisses and mauls me all day. I will be so sad the day that stops. He loves to play with his sisters and chases them around that house trying to get them. He is talking up a storm and will repeat anything you say to him. He is putting 2 and 3 words together. He will not go to bed till we tell him about the wolf, he loves to talk about the wolf. He so happy all the time and is learning from his sister to get into everything.

We are so excited about the upcoming year with a new baby, the end of school, a job that is in Utah we hope. We miss you guys.