Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Zoo Day

We went to the Zoo today with a boy from Katrinas class that she just loves. She holds his hands and says she wants to marry him. Yes Ben and I are worried.


A couple things happened this week. Sabrina put all of my food coloring in the blender and it got all over my counter, floor, everything. And Reagan fell when I was getting him out of the shower and cut his chin on Saturday. I took him to the E.R. and they cleaned it and glued it together. It is bruised up now and he smiles crooked. I hope it get all better.

Belles Birthday

Well it was Belles Birthday and it was a great one. She wanted smiley face pancakes for breakfast and we had pizza for dinner. When my Mom was here she told Belle about the story of Peter Rabbit and she loved it so that was my theme. She loved her cake and still caries around the bunny in her new little purse. She got so many fun thing for her birthday and Thanks to everyone for the presents and birthday wishes. We love you all.