Sunday, October 31, 2010


Here are some pictures of our family Halloween party and the ward Halloween trunk-or-treat.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


What a crazy month. Life is just getting back to normal after the baby. Ben is doing great, he is super busy with school and just got a part time job. I am trying to get going on Christmas gifts early, but I don't think I'll get everything i want done anyway.

Jessica is doing great in school. She is at the top of her class. On her report card every single thing was "Excels" except for listening to the teacher. She is on a second grade reading level and loves math and history. She was just tested and can read double the amount she is supposed to read in a minute. She is a big flirt already and chases the boys like crazy. I told Ben we are in big trouble when she is a teen. The other day she dropped a can on her foot and said " Son of a B" (no she did not say the swear word she said "B"). I got after her and that night during dinner I told Ben that we need to start watching what we say cause Jessie said something bad today. Ben told me that we should talk about it later when the kids are not around. Of course Jessie was listening and said " Mom and you talking about the S-u-n-o-f-a-B-e-e." Yes she spelled it out to us. Ben and I could not stop laughing. She is to smart for her own good. She loves her little siblings. She mauls Reagan like crazy and loves to wrestle with him. She is so good to Lincoln and will change his diaper, get him dressed and take care of him while I make dinner. She does not like the new toothpaste I got her and I found her wiping it on the carpet behind the couch. Drives me crazy.

Katrina is also in the top of her class. She is learning to read and the second she gets home from school she wants to do homework. Her teacher has put her in charge of helping two other kids in the class that are having trouble sounding out words and reading. She is so sweet to everyone she meets. Her and Sabrina are starting to get really close. It is so nice for my kids to have their best friends in their own house. The other day Ben and I voted and they gave me a "I Voted" sticker. When Katrina got home she pointed to it and asked "Mom are you in the army?" Kids say the funniest things.

Sabrina is still crazy. She is in preschool right now and loves it. She is doing great and starting to write her name. She is still super naughty and she keeps stealing Lincolns Binky and putting it in the whole in the back of our couch. The other night Ben put the kids to bed and came to check on them. Sabrina had a big bulge under her blanket and said " Dad I have nothing under my blanket, OK." Ben found little Reagan hiding under there trying to have a sleep over with his sister.

Reagan is all boy and Ben is loving it. He caries around his little cars everywhere he goes. He has to have them in bed with him every night. He is talking like crazy and is now saying " Laugh it up fuzzball". My Mom got him some batman shirts and that is all he wants to wear. He loves to tease his sisters and tackle them when they are not looking. He LOVES Lincoln and anytime he comes in the room he kisses Lincoln and says " Hi Baby Brother". He is so much fun to play with and loves to talk about killing the bad wolf.

Lincoln is doing awesome. He is getting so big and is smiling like crazy. He is so sweet and I just don't want him to grow anymore. He has the best fat rolls on his legs and a great double chin.

All in all we are doing great. Ben and I are so blessed to have such a beautiful, happy family. We miss you all and hope to see you soon.