Tuesday, March 30, 2010


We have had a crazy month. Regan is not feeling really great but he is still such a good boy. Jessica got a new pair of glasses and she is so excited about them. But the best news of all is I got a early birthday present from Ben. I have wanted a piano for years and finally we found one on craigslist for $100.00. It is in really good shape and I love having it in the house. I am so lucky.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St. Patrick's Day

Today was a great day. Ben and I stayed up last night cleaning the house so that we would not have to do it today. When the girls got up I had green smiley face pancakes and green eggs ready for them. They were so excited and played with them more than they ate them. Then this afternoon Ben went and got a $10.00 airplane that has a 4 foot wing span and we took that and lunch to the park. The kids had a blast and so did Ben. It was so pretty here with the 84 degrees it was. Hope you all had a good day to.

Monday, March 8, 2010


I have been so bad at posting blogs lately, I hope this makes up for it.

Ben is very busy at school. He is trying to get his portfolio out and get a job here in Arizona for this summer. He is so busy between school and us and life that I don't know how he does it sometimes. He is still getting great grades and we are hoping to have a nice spring break with the kids next week.

I am busy with the kids. I am 14 weeks along and feeling a lot better. I can't wait to get all of my energy back and the poor house it taking a hit from it. I think that Ben and I will be finding out what we are having in 4 weeks and I am so excited. I am really trying to sew again but finding the time is not as easy as you would think with 4 young kids.

Jessica is doing so well in school. She has so many friends and I love dropping her off in the morning and seeing 1st and 2nd graders come up to talk to her. She is so nice to everyone and they love how fun and crazy she can be. We had to have talks with her about mauling boys in her class and keeping her hands to herself, but she is still a great student. She is top of her class, she loves math and loves to color. When she is home she loves to spend time with me. I am seeing a wonderful friendship blooming between us and I love it. She loves to help cook dinner and will make her and her sisters sandwiches if I am busy. She likes to do dishes, sweep, vacuum and wash windows. She is even starting to help me fold laundry. She is so good to her little brother and sisters and I hear her talking to them like I do. She is my little mother hen and I don't know what we would do if she was not our first born.

I took Jessica and Reagan to the eye doctor on Wednesday. She is doing alright, but the doctor wants her to wear an eye patch over her right eye so her left can get stronger. So she has to wear the patch for 3 hours a day for the next 6 weeks. Any of you that now Ben know that he had to do this to and it helped a lot. I feel so bad for my poor girl but she is a tough and I hope this will work.

Katrina is still as sweet as possible. She is in preschool 4 days a week and loves it. She is a prefect student. She is learning to spell out words with the help of her big sister. I will find them in their room sitting on the bed and Jessica will be helping her sound out the words in their books. She says the craziest things to us. Today when Ben went to school she told me "I love my chocolate team, Dad is so handsome and I want to marry him." She also has been asking if her cheeks are as chubby as a chipmunks. I told her yes and she was so proud. She loves being told that she looks like her Grandma Kathy. Katrina loves to be girly and loves to dress up as Snow White. She has the sweetest little heart and fits well in our family. I went to her Parent Teacher conference on Tuesday and she is doing so great. She is a really good listener and she plays great with other kids. She is trying to sound out words and loves art time. She is such a good girl.

Sabrina is an amazing kid. She can climb up on anything including the fridge to get what she wants. She can sniff out candy within a 5 mile radius and I have to lock things in my bed room to keep it safe. She has the most beautiful face that is so hard to get mad at when she is naughty and I think it is fair to say the terrible twos are in full swing. She leaves the fridge open, gets into my makeup, steals Reagan’s binky any chance she gets but I would not trade her for anything. She is so strong and Ben and I want to get her in gymnastics. She has the best legs for it and loves to climb. She loves her baby dolls and sings so softly to them. Ben is a huge pushover with her and has a hard time getting mad at those beautiful blue eyes. She is a one of a kind.

Reagan is doing so well with his diabetes. He is so patient and sweet about taking his shots. He is eating us out of house and home and Ben is so proud. He loves to say and play football with Ben and likes to crash everything into the wall. He loves to cuddle his Mom and Dad and kisses us like crazy. He is climbing on everything now and into all of my drawers. He loves to dance when music comes on and loves to play outside. He hates taking baths and loves to get dirty. It is so weird having a boy after 3 girls. He also loves to kiss my belly and say "Baby" to it. He has the sweetest little voice and loves to play with his big sisters. At Reagan’s eye doctor apt they said that he is going to go in for a little surgery to fix his tear ducts. His eyes are always watery with goop in them so I am hoping this will help. He is also going to get looked at for getting his anodes taking out. We are hoping this will solve his ear infection problem. My pour kids are taking a beating.

Ben and I have been so blessed this year. We have a good home, wonderful schools, wonderful kids and a great family support system. I don't know what else we could ask for. Ok maybe a good job this summer but that is it. We love you all and miss you.