Wednesday, December 23, 2009

New update

I have not blogged in so long so here I go. First we went and got our Christmas tree. The kids were so excited and Reagan has only pulled it down on himself twice. My amazing Mother in-law made these great nativity's for us and the kids love them, Reagan walks around kissing them.
There is a picture of Jessica sleeping. She wanted to sleep in a laundry basket the other night. It does not look comfortable.
We had a Christmas party and Katrinas school. They sang for us and had some treats and the girls did some crafts. Katrina has the best teacher, I just love her.
We went and saw the Temple light out here. They were really nice and Reagan loved them. Ben got a great picture of a orange tree.
And then we had our gingerbread house party. The kids went nuts. It was so much fun and I will post a picture of our little village when Ben and I finish our house.