Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I went to parent teacher night for Jessica tonight. She is of course doing great and she is so happy there. On their first day her teacher had them draw pictures of them selves, this is what she did.


Reagan has the cutest teeth ever. They are so big that I had to get a picture of him. What a cute kid.

Katrinas first day of Preschool

Katrina had a great first day at preschool on Monday. She had so much fun and was so sad to leave. She looked so cute and calls all of her friends cartoon character names. I have to tell you one story about her last week. She came up to Ben when he was one the phone and this is how it played out.

Katrina:Dad who are you talking to?

Ben: (didn't say anything)

Katrina: Dad is that your girl friend?

Ben: No sweetheart (shakes his head)

Katrina: Oh is it your boyfriend?

We were laughing so hard and had to tell her that boys don't have boyfriends. She is a great kid.