Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Jessicas First Day Of School

It is our little girls first day of school. I don't think any Mom can prepare for it. Jessica was so excited and she looked so pretty. My Mom got her a new backpack and a new dress. She felt so pretty. She started kindergarten today and here in Arizona they do full day from 8:20 to 3:05. I have never been gone from my baby like this before. I could not have let her go if it was not for the wonderful school and Ben making me. She is going to Bustoz and it is number 1 over all in the Tempe school district. She has a great new teacher named Mrs. Mcallister. She was very nice and I think Jessie will like her. Jessica is so eager to learn and she is so dang smart I know she will love it but for now I am broken hearted. Jessie is my buddy and my helper. I love her so much and even though I did not let her see, I cried the whole way home from dropping her off. I hope that the other kids will get a little easier on my heart.


We took the kids to a park the other day when it was not so hot, it was only 106. They had fun and Reagan kept climbing the slide. The girls wanted a lot of ponytails in there hair. People thought we were crazy but Belle looked the best. She was so funny. I got a clip of Reagan climbing the slide. He is crazy and he is not even 1 yet.