Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Shout out to Paul and Kathy

Here is a new shout out to my in-laws. Most people are not as luck as I am to have such great in-laws. Paul and Kathy have helped Ben and I through so much stuff and I don't know where we would be without them. When we lived in Utah they built a basement apartment for us to live in. We never paid rent and they were so patient with us. We lived in there house for the first 3 kids we had. We had little Katrina and she was so beautiful and so sweet that we had to name her after her Grandma Kathy. Also when we lived with them Kathy and I would spend the days talking and cooking and Ben had Paul to talk to at night. We miss them a ton and I wish they could be here to see how big our little ones are getting. Paul and Kathy are such hard workers and they never seem to let life get them down. When you walk in the door you are going to get a big smile and a hug. They have made me feel like one of there own kids. They are also great with my kids. Jessica just loves Paul and always talks about the Grandpa that gives her peanuts. They have been a great example to Ben and I and we love them to death. Thanks Mom and Dad.