Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I went to parent teacher night for Jessica tonight. She is of course doing great and she is so happy there. On their first day her teacher had them draw pictures of them selves, this is what she did.


Reagan has the cutest teeth ever. They are so big that I had to get a picture of him. What a cute kid.

Katrinas first day of Preschool

Katrina had a great first day at preschool on Monday. She had so much fun and was so sad to leave. She looked so cute and calls all of her friends cartoon character names. I have to tell you one story about her last week. She came up to Ben when he was one the phone and this is how it played out.

Katrina:Dad who are you talking to?

Ben: (didn't say anything)

Katrina: Dad is that your girl friend?

Ben: No sweetheart (shakes his head)

Katrina: Oh is it your boyfriend?

We were laughing so hard and had to tell her that boys don't have boyfriends. She is a great kid.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Jessicas First Day Of School

It is our little girls first day of school. I don't think any Mom can prepare for it. Jessica was so excited and she looked so pretty. My Mom got her a new backpack and a new dress. She felt so pretty. She started kindergarten today and here in Arizona they do full day from 8:20 to 3:05. I have never been gone from my baby like this before. I could not have let her go if it was not for the wonderful school and Ben making me. She is going to Bustoz and it is number 1 over all in the Tempe school district. She has a great new teacher named Mrs. Mcallister. She was very nice and I think Jessie will like her. Jessica is so eager to learn and she is so dang smart I know she will love it but for now I am broken hearted. Jessie is my buddy and my helper. I love her so much and even though I did not let her see, I cried the whole way home from dropping her off. I hope that the other kids will get a little easier on my heart.


We took the kids to a park the other day when it was not so hot, it was only 106. They had fun and Reagan kept climbing the slide. The girls wanted a lot of ponytails in there hair. People thought we were crazy but Belle looked the best. She was so funny. I got a clip of Reagan climbing the slide. He is crazy and he is not even 1 yet.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Our Anniversary

Yesterday was our 6 year anniversary. I can't believe how fast the years have gone by. We have been threw some really crazy times and some hard times but even more good times. Ben is my best friend and the one person I look up to the most. He is so smart and talented. He can make me laugh over the dumbest things. He is the best father to my kids and they love him to death. I don't know what I would do without him in my life. I love you Ben.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

The kids

Just a bunch of fun pictures of the kids.

The cuts along the way

We had a very fun summer, and we have the scars to prove it. Sabrina cut her foot, I cut my finger, Ben got a nice looking cut on his hand. Reagan got dropped by Katrina on the cement and cut his lip and nose. Jessica cut her back but the best one would have to be my sister Natalie who was cutting fruit and sliced her thumb open. She had like 8 stitches in it. I thought everyone would like to see the blood.